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A 25 year customer, screwed by USAA.

By Anonymous from Tucson , Arizona
USAA out-sources all car accidents to a company called Auto Solutions. You will not be handled by USAA when you are in a car accident. They will abandon you and hand you over to the slime-balls at AS. They play the same games over and over. They will say they did not receive this paper and that paper from your Doctors, and then they will say, the reports from the Doctors and Physical Therapists are not convincing them that you needed any care at all and leave you high and dry.

Some jacked up claims adjusters, who don't even know you, at Auto Solutions, will call all the shots for USAA, and refuse to pay your medical bills. They will leave you in the cold, to pay all your own medical bills, with no regard.

I was hit by an 18 wheel semi truck who ran a red light. He totaled my very small car, and almost killed me. My neck and back were hurt and I needed physical therapy for only 4 months. I think that is very conservative medical care. I made sure to be 100% honest, and only take the care that I needed to recover. I remained honorable, and USAA screwed me anyway.

They refused to pay my medical bills, even though I have $100,000 med pay, because I do not have regular medical insurance, since I am self employed. I was a USAA customer for 25 years. They gladly took my money. I never had a ticket, or an accident, but that does not matter to them, they could careless for my patronage. They are just as slimy as the rest of the insurance companies, if not worse because they pretend to honor military personnel and their dependents, but they are well versed in screwing them too. One of my Doctors told me they have heard of USAA having more problems paying out, then any other company. Auto Solutions claims adjusters love refuse, refuse. It is truly their "auto solution" for USAA.

Auto Solutions could careless about USAA policy holders. Poor customer service, and incompetent claims adjusters, they disgust me. I can't wait until my law suit is over, and I can dump the money hungry schmucks at USAA.

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