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AAA Denies Legit Claims

By Anonymous from Gig Harbor , Washington
AAA may be great for road service and maps but stay away from them for your car insurance!! They dogged me AND my mom (2 different policy holders) when we were severly rearended at a stop light when the kid behind us didnt bother to stop. I was taken by ambulance with a concussion, neck, back, shoulder and jaw problems. Everything seemed ok at first but then they started to deny my claim stating I didn't need treatment and they refused to pay my bills...of course sending me to their NON INDEPENDENT so called Independant Medical Exam (IME) who both Dr.s of course are paid alot of money BY AAA Insurance to say theres nothing wrong with you and to cut you off!!! This was in 2006 it's now 2011 and I still today suffer the effects of this accident, but of course, there was nothing wrong with me to deserve treatment. Thanks AAA, much appreciated, YOU GUYS/GALS AT AAA INSURANCE NEED TO BE IN AN MVA SO YOU CAN RELATE! In the end, I WON the lawsuit against AAA AND I CANCELLED my policy with them. NEVER would I recommend them and I do tell anyone looking for insurance to steer clear of AAA!
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